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For everyone who stands staring blankly at the contents of their fridge, help is finally at hand.对地铁站在冰箱前一直双眼平羚羊里边物品的人而言,保护神来啦!Samsung has invented a fridge you can talk to. The South Korean tech giant has fitted its voice control software Bixby to a Family Hub 3.0 refrigerator.三星企业发明人了一款能够闲聊的冰箱。这个日本的互联网巨头早就将智能语音系统监控软件Bixby嵌入来到其商品Family Hub 3.0冰箱之中。Samsungs website boasts: A refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before.三星官在网上简直道:“配有无线网络的冰箱使触摸显示屏沦落有可能,能够给你管理方法你的蔬菜水果,和家人会话,游戏娱乐一下,它是史无前例的。

”The fridge will also have some serious sounds, with AKG speakers and it will integrate into Samsungs SmartThings ecosystem, so owners can control the lights, change temperature or even monitor a security camera from the fridge.这个冰箱也不会有一些坦诚的响声,常备AKG麦克风,而且与三星的智能家居系统生态体系结合,因而客户不仅能操控光线、温度,乃至能为冰箱开启监控。The fridge will also include a meal planner which personalises recipes, allergies and will even tell you when food is expiring. And you can tell the fridge to compile a shopping list which even takes into account your superstore loyalty card points.这个冰箱还能设计方案个性化菜谱、纪录皮肤过敏状况乃至对他说你何时食材不容易到期。你也能够让冰箱整合买东西表格,悄悄地把餐饮店会员卡的成绩也算上。Samsung is also promising more content after forging partnerships with the likes of HomeAdvisor, Pinterest, Tasty and The Weather Company.除此之外,在与HomeAdvisor、Pinterest、Tasty和The Weather Company等建立合作方关联后,三星还应允了更为智能。

There is no details on the price yet, but the new fridge should be available this spring.价钱层面仍没有实际信息内容,可是这款新式冰箱2020年春季就将发售。